A Librarian’s Closet (9)

librarians_closet_labelHello! And welcome to my weekly feature, A Librarian’s Closet. This feature showcases my favorite outfit from the week.

Again, for this week’s outfit, I’m going with something different. Since today (Friday) is Halloween, I decided to “dress up”. Okay, not really, but I did wear a character hat all day. Party City had these really cute character hats, including Olaf from Frozen. I decided to get this hat…

1459172_10154776835740554_7986038319284264345_nDo you know who it is? ….it’s Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon! Toothless is so cute, I couldn’t pass up this hat. Along with the hat, I wore all black to match what he looks like in the movie. The students all knew who it was…the teachers, on the other hand, did not. Oh well! I thought it was cute and a great way to “dress up” for Halloween at work.



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