Life Happens [6]


Life Happens is a weekly feature here at Books and Burlap. It will feature highlights from the previous week, as well bookish topics.

This past week went by so slow…probably because I was so excited for Saturday to get here. Why couldn’t I wait for Saturday? Because after spending months on a wait list and having want one for several years, I am now a hedgie (hedgehog) mom! I got to pick up my sweet baby girl, Violet, on Saturday. She’s about 8 weeks old and is so adorable! So far, she’s still getting used to her new environment, but she seems to enjoy it…at night, I can hear her running on her wheel, eating her food, and drinking from her bottle. I can also tell she loves snuggling with me while I watch Netflix…it’s our bonding time. She’s so sweet!

My mom took this shortly after I got her...isn't she sweet?!?

My mom took this shortly after I got her…isn’t she sweet?!?

Checking out my room...I'm in love with my sweet Violet!

Checking out my room…I’m in love with my sweet Violet!


Aside from becoming a new hedgie mom, I received a book I ordered in the mail…one I have been wanting to read for a really long time, mostly because I’ve heard nothing but fantastic reviews for it. Of course, when I received it in the mail, I just had to take a spiffy picture of it. It’s Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas…the cover is so gorgeous! I definitely need to make time to read this book.

How very fallish...

How very fallish…

Before I picked up Violet on Saturday, I of course had to make a trip to Barnes & Noble, as I hadn’t been in several weeks (I was going through withdrawal). For Halloween, I want to read a Stephen King novel, but wasn’t sure which one, so I bought both Salem’s Lot and Christine. I don’t think I could ever read IT (I hate clowns), Cujo, or Pet Cemetary…I do want to also read Carrie though (which apparently was published on my birthday in 1974). I’m not usually a horror type of person, but I figure for Halloween I can be one.


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