Technology Woes

Let me start off with saying that I love technology as much as the next person. I would be lost without my smart phone, tablet, the Internet, etc., so this post isn’t me bashing technology. It is, however, about my gripes with technology.

The school I work for has a very small budget…in pretty much every area there are budgets, especially technology. Every year, the budget is slashed for the technology department, so they have to work with what they have. Personally, I feel that the technology department should have one of the biggest budgets, especially in a school system, because of how dependent students and teachers are on technology. Alas, that is not the case with my school.

This year started something new. Every freshman this year received a tablet of their own, that will follow them all through high school; they are responsible for that tablet and must take care of it. Right away, I was against the idea, but what do I know? Of course, when the first tablet was broken less than 24 hours after I gave them out, I gave the “I told you so” gaze to those involved. Anywho…

My issue with technology these days is that it never seems to work. Seriously, I am bombarded with multiple questions daily about technology issues. Of course, since I’m just the librarian and haven’t had training with these particular devices (another issue I have), I am usually not able to help…which makes it seem like I don’t know anything. I wish I could help students and teachers deal with these computer and tablet woes, but I just can’t. I’m not the IT department. Alas, when I tell those asking me about the technology that they need to consult the IT department, they say they can never get in touch with them and yada yada yada.

I’m not bashing anyone, any department, technology, whatever it may seem like. I’m just annoyed that we’re so reliant on technology that when we can’t access it, it seems like we have no idea what to do. For example, testing is all done on computers now…so what happens when the computers don’t work on the day of a test? Pretty much you’re SOL. What happened to good ol’ paper and pencil? At least you can rely on those…

(This wasn’t really a bookish related discussion…I just needed to rant, ha!)


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