A Librarian’s Closet (5)


Hello! And welcome to my weekly feature, A Librarian’s Closet. This feature showcases my favorite outfit from the week.

This was just one of those weeks where my hair didn’t want to act right, and I didn’t feel like really getting all dressed up for work. At one point this week, my mom asked me if I was cutting wood at work because my outfit reminded her of a lumberjack. Thaaaaanks, mom!

So, for this week’s outfit, it’s actually the one I’m wearing today, since Fridays are casual Fridays at work. Faculty are allowed to wear jeans on Fridays, as long as we wear a red top (main school color). Most faculty members have been here for an extended period of time, so they all have shirts that have something about our school on it. I, however, do not, so I just wear a regular red top with my jeans. Plus, since it’s now fall AND October, I figured it was time to break out my tall boots.


Pardon the background of my picture. I forgot to take a picture at home this morning, so I had to get one of my students to take a picture of me in the backroom of the library. It’s a disaster area at the moment.



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