Life Happens [4]


Life Happens is a weekly feature here at Books and Burlap. It will feature highlights from the previous week, as well bookish topics.

 This past week was pretty busy for me, especially when it came to my own school work. I found out way later than I would have liked that I have a paper due tomorrow (Monday, September 29) and it has to be 7-10 pages long. Luckily, I have the awesome skill of being able to write a paper like that in a few hours. The final product (7 pages and 2 sentences on the 8th page) took me less than 2 hours to write. Not my best work, but it’s still pretty dang good. Though if I never read William Blake again, it will be too soon.

image (7)

My options were either write about Jane Austen, Mary Wollstonecraft, or William Blake…

After fussing over this paper for the entire weekend, I decided to treat myself to something I have never been able to use until now: Netflix. Up until this point, my Internet connection at my house has been so awful, I could barely check my email, let alone stream videos. But now that I have amazing Internet (thank you, Metrocast!), I can finally join Netflix and watch shows! I spent a good portion of my day watching Once Upon a Time, considering I’m WAY behind in that show.

image (6)

My cat, Tiggy, also enjoyed Netflix time.

On Friday, I received the coolest thing…a printed 3D Mockingjay. The school I work for has 2 3D printers, but they rarely get used (they are for the STEM classes), so my friends over in IT have been printing things recently to make sure the printers stay in top shape. I asked for a printed Mockingjay, not thinking I would actually get one, but low and behold I did! Technology is cool and creepy all at the same time.

How awesome is this?!

How awesome is this?!

To top off my weekend, I bought an awesome coffee mug…it looks like a squirrel! Squirrels are special to me, as they are my sorority’s mascot (Alpha Gamma Delta), so whenever I see something squirrely, I have to get it.

Isn't it adorable? I think so.

Isn’t it adorable? I think so.



As for things bookish, the only reading I’ve done recently revolves around William Blake…he’s now officially my least favorite poet, just because I’ve done nothing but read his poetry for the past 2 weeks. Time to move on to someone else (Wordsworth…what a nifty name).

Oh! Did anyone celebrate Banned Books Week this past week? I did. I read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood…loved it, by the way!


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