A Librarian’s Closet (4)


Hello! And welcome to my weekly feature, A Librarian’s Closet. This feature showcases my favorite outfit from the week.

I LOVE my favorite outfit from this week…I wish I could wear it every day. Alas, that would probably cause some talk about how poor Miss Smither only has that one dress she wears all the time, so I suppose I shouldn’t do that.

Anyway, I wore this dress on Tuesday, the first full day of fall (my favorite season). I figured for some a wonderful season, I should wear something special for the first day of it. I bought this dress from The Polkadot Alley (they are a Facebook store…look them up!) and the necklace came from my first Stitch Fix box. Nothing too fancy, but I love the pattern and the colors in this dress.

Screenshot_2014-09-23-07-57-13~2 (1)

Yes, I wear glasses…how cliche for a librarian, right? I try to wear my contacts as much as possible, but my glasses actually match my dress (they are that blue color on the inside of the frame), so I figured it would be a good day to break out the glasses.



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