Life Happens [3]


Life Happens is a weekly feature here at Books and Burlap. It will feature highlights from the previous week, as well bookish topics.

School/work is starting to fall back into a routine for me, so this past week wasn’t quite as hectic as the previous. Of course, I won’t say that it wasn’t chaotic at all, but just not as much as before. Pre-testing finished up for classroom teachers, so now the library will be relatively quiet this coming week (I feel like people only come to the library anymore to use the computers…how sad is that?) I hate feeling like I’m just waiting for people to come in, but that’s, sadly, how the first few weeks are for me at work…once students realize “oh, hey, I can actually check out books or use the computers!”, then it seems to pick up a bit.

This past Friday, my mom and I had some last minute fun, as we went to see Disney’s Frozen on Ice! According to my brother, that’s pretty redundant. I have never been to one of those Disney on Ice performances before, and my mom hasn’t been to one since she was little, so it was a lot of fun for the two of us to go together. And when I say last minute, I mean last minute…we didn’t buy our tickets until Thursday night! They weren’t the best seats, but we had so much fun! And the view was still great, so you can’t beat that! Of course, since I never had gone to a Disney on Ice performance before, I had to make up for lost time…by spending money on Disney merchandise! I absolutely love the movie Frozen, so getting to see it performed on ice was awesome.

My Frozen snow cone cup!

My Frozen snow cone cup!

Queen Elsa!

Queen Elsa!

Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven...all in one (decent) picture!

Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven…all in one (decent) picture!


I meant to type up a review for The Selection by Kiera Cass this past week, but I guess time got the best of me and I just forgot…I WILL post it this week though! I made myself a sticky note to put on my computer, so I’ll be reminded of it every day until I do it.


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