Library Rules

Every year, at the beginning of the school year, I go over the rules of the library with all of the students (especially the freshmen, since they are new to the building.) I honestly never thought the rules of the library would cause such turmoil with the students, but they really have. I’m taking my rules of the library to this blog, mostly to see if my rules are as outrageous as the students claim they are… Honestly, I think the students are over-exaggerating and they just haven’t quite caught on to what responsibility is yet.


Let me explain some of these rules:

1. No eating or drinking – I feel like this is just common sense, but apparently it isn’t. Food and drinks are not allowed near the computers, nor are they allowed near the books…so let’s just say that eating and drinking aren’t allowed. Period.

2. Do not “cut through” – My library is situated in the middle of the school building, giving it two doors (one on one side, one on the other). Students take this to be a way to get from one class to another really fast, especially if they’ve been loitering in the halls and realize they’re about to be late to class. The library doesn’t need that kind of traffic coming through, so I figured saying no cutting through would be simple enough.

3. Computers are for academic use – This basically came from the IT department, but it makes sense, right? Computers should only be used for academic purposes, not to just sit around and play games or watch videos on.

4. $0.10/day will be charged for overdue books – Again, this is a responsibility tactic. I figure these students are in high school now, they can handle the consequences of a late book (don’t worry, I don’t include weekends or breaks in those charges).

5. Passes & signing in are required – This makes it so I know the student is allowed to be in the library and to keep a record of it in case someone wants to know where a student was.

I feel like my rules are rather fair, but a good portion of the students think they are “ridiculous.” Personally, because they are the rules I created for the library, I think they mirror other high school library rules, but perhaps I’m incorrect in thinking that way…


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