Life Happens [1]


Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start a weekly feature called Life Happens because, well, it does. Life Happens will be a weekly feature here that spotlights the happenings over the past week, as well as showcases books and other bookish things. 

My first week back to school was rather stress-free. I’m going into my 2nd year as a high school librarian, so while I learned quite a bit during my 1st year, I’m still learning as I go.

For this first week back, I actually accomplished quite a bit. Let’s see…I manually added every new student in the 9th grade class, I cataloged 100 new tablets for the 9th grade class, I assisted our principal as he gave a presentation to all classes, and I ran around like a chicken without its head. Okay, so that last one isn’t really an accomplishment, but it’s basically how I was all week. I also started creating a library orientation that I will present to all English classes, but I won’t actually do that until next week.

These are just some of the tablets I had to catalog...surprisingly, it only took me a day to do!

These are just some of the tablets I had to catalog…surprisingly, it only took me a day to do!

I felt rather important at one point, as the principal wanted me to carry a walkie talkie with me during the day; this way, if there was a technical issue or someone needed something answered by me, they could radio me on that instead of trying to reach me by phone call. Not sure if I’ll have that with me every day in the future, but it still felt like I had some awesome power in my hands.

The was briefly MINE.

The power…it was briefly MINE.

I’ve just finished my third week in my new master’s program. I’m currently working on my second master’s degree in English, mostly so I can teach at the community college level (and possibly Dual Enrollment English classes at the high school I work for). Of course, like when I first started with my master’s degree in library and information science, I’m learning that perhaps starting out the degree by taking three classes was a bit hefty…at least to start with. I’m thinking about dropping a course and receiving a grade of “W.” That wouldn’t be a bad thing, I did it twice during my time in my first master’s program. It is a pain, however, to have that on my transcript this early in the program; I figure, though, that once I get used to how this program does things (as well as Blackboard, since I’m used to Moodle), I won’t have to worry about earning a “W” (which stands for withdrawn, if you weren’t sure). Things happen and you learn from them; currently, I’m learning I shouldn’t start out with three graduate courses when I’m new to the program.



As for all things bookish, I hate that between working full time and being a full time student, I rarely have time to read for fun. I have moments when I can, but I’m not as free to as I was during the summer. Oh well, I suppose. I’ll just have to make time, especially since I’m currently reading The Death Cure by James Dashner…I must find out how The Maze Runner series ends! I’m hoping to put up a review for The Maze Runner sometime tomorrow. 

Here’s to another good week, in all aspects!


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