A Librarian’s Closet (1)

librarians_closet_labelWelcome to my newest weekly feature, A Librarian’s Closet! This feature will take place every Friday and will display my favorite outfit from my week.

It’s a stereotype that all librarians wear cardigans, have their hair in buns, wear glasses, and are just not fashionable. Now, before I go any further, I have to add that I have quite an extensive collection of cardigans, I like to put my hair up, and I do alternate between wearing glasses and contacts…HOWEVER, I think of myself as being far more fashion-forward than that typical image that comes to mind when someone pictures a librarian.


This was my school’s first week back (we started on Tuesday), so of course my favorite outfit of the week ended up being my first day of school attire; everyone always looks their best on the first day of school. I was dying to wear this denim tunic/dress that I found at Target several weeks ago, but I decided to save its first wear for the first day of school. I added some black leggins and some really cute leopard print loafers to make it that much more cute. When fall gets here, I can substitute those loafers for tall boots.¬†


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